Thursday, 9 May 2013

Poetry Unit

For English, our new unit of learning is Poetry. Our first lesson of poetry consisted of the group having a discussion on its perks, flaws and what we think about it. Many disliked poetry, because of its complexity, some were Poetry enthusiasts and some were neutral. We talked about the main characteristics of poetry, such as the meter, rhythm, the sounds poetry makes, structure and also poetry devices like personification, metaphors and similes.

Personally, I am a fan of poetry. I love reading and writing it. Reading another individual's poems almost always sparks an idea, or inspires me to write a poem of that sort. Also, reading gives me a great outlook on the reader's personality, and it is extremely rewarding to be able to help capture the same feelings the author is trying to convey. 

The type of poetry I enjoy writing is abstract. I love writing in a lyrical sense of form, where my words are almost a song. I like writing poems where the meaning is not obvious in the verses, where there is a sense of complexity. Even though I like mystery, I dislike poems that are too dense, as enjoy experiencing and feeling poems instead of spending long periods of time decoding them. I also don't write poems so that the reader knows the exact emotion I am trying to convey, as I like my poetry to be interpreted into whatever the reader wants, hoping that in some way it is relatable. 

I believe that there is far too much pressure in understanding the poem more than feeling it. As I said in the paragraph before, I don't think it is so important to know the exact emotion the writer is writing his poetry on, since if the writer didn't want any sense of mystery, he wouldn't have written it in an abstract form. 

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