Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Hurling Emotion


For all writers that are at the age of 12/13/14: Do not attempt to write a book unless you are oozing willpower, determination, patience and fired up hard work. I have successfully written 2 crap books in the past 3 years. They aren't good. I thought it was about time I really sat down and started writing a novel I was actually proud of. It was a bad decision. Not only does it take up a lot of your time, but for a lot of the time you aren't actually doing anything. Suppose I finally get myself to drop the procrastination act and sit down to write another chapter, 50 minutes of that one hour is spent staring at the screen wondering how to spell basic words. Writing this book has actually made me secretly despise writing fiction, so I gave up on it. I think waiting a few more months before I write my saga on two people falling in love would be a good idea.

Even though my book took up a lot of time, I still had some stuff in there I was proud of. Specifically, a paragraph or two when my protagonist goes through a negative time when everything he knows and trusts falters. I used what was going on in my own life, applied it to the book, wrote it in his context, and came up with a few lines that I take extreme pride in.

"I think before I leave, I need to spend a day plunged into nostalgia. I need to sit and plough through what has occurred over the past three months- ever since the concept of "mistake" won any value. They say life is best looked at through a single window, and I have been looking of this one for too long. Everyday I try and leave something behind, rather hope to, and fall at my own feet graveling in disappointment. Crossing the land with her has brought out so much in me this summer. I feel I've left myself slip back into fear and mediocrity. I am selling myself short with too any people because of my lack of incentive. By exploring a new place and reuniting myself with her, I want to be pulled back into being free spirited and uninhibited because that is where I'm comfortable. That where I am at home. Although that feeling is far from my ownership, I shall never fail to attempt it."


  1. Antara, I know EXACTLY what you mean by this post, bless you. I love writing, as you know. And I hope to be a published writer one day, but boy is it hard. I, too, have written numerous terrible "novels" in my time and you've described the process fantastically.

    Do you ever find yourself thinking of one idea and then the next and having all these half-written projects just in the gutter? Because that is something I definitely do. I tend to stop writing something halfway and move on to something else and it's just a big cycle of procrastination.

    1. Ohmygoodness, yes. Especially when I'm on holiday, or have no connection to a laptop whatsoever, ideas literally wriggle themselves into my head and stay there, right up until the moment I actually have a chance to write. It is frustrating, isn't it? But I guess overcoming all this makes a good author.

  2. Just keep writing. All the time. Everywhere. Lose yourselves in words. It will all work out. Did you two see this post:


    It takes time and practice and love and passion and all that....Just keep writing.