Wednesday, 6 February 2013

"Hipster" Writing

During my stay-at-home Wednesday afternoon, I came across a text on InkPop (a writer's community for sharing their pieces) The text was written in an abstract way that formed the words to be poetic and lyrical. I later messaged the author; asking her how she wrote such an enchanting piece. She replied back saying that what she had written was a way to send across a message without being obvious. It was basically a huge inference. The author then told me that it was basically a poem that did not rhyme, and was not formatted the way a usual poem would. She described her piece as a "hipster" in her usual form of literature.

I tried writing my own "hipster" text. This is what I ended up with:

The worst state of mind is perhaps sadness, but I would say its confusion. Hours of mundane thoughts running through my head, some defending mediocrity, other defending a point much more believable. It makes thinking straight difficult. Burying my face in a pillow and hoping the lack of oxygen would help my brain to arrive at a conclusion, but it just deepened my confusions. What is it I am feeling at the moment? Am I happy? Am I sad? Or should I be angry? I am playing the antagonist or the saboteur in this epic dilemma that only I have so far recognized. Bouldering above me, are the consequences- the consequences of what would happen if what my mind rests at is not satisfactory. Whether the thought is a mere insipid trail of unhappiness where I will find myself alone on a Friday night, thinking the unthinkable once again.

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