Sunday, 3 February 2013

Class Blogging: For or Against

A blog space is a blank canvas that students use to harbor their opinions and share their interests. As Grade 8 students, we were all made to start a new blog. This blog was supposed to be a garden for our opinions, a place where we could share what we thought and not be judged. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, the readers of this blog are our peers. And being 13/14-year-old Grade 8 students, we cannot read a single piece of text without judging, forming sometimes irrational opinions and criticizing  the text immediately. And also, being a school blog- there are somethings I feel very strongly about but can't mention due to the teachers high involvement in commenting and being proactive.

Although the class blogs have some negatives, I believe it is a good idea in general. Blogging is writing, and writing is good. Receiving judgement is a given no matter where we post our blog posts, school blog or personal, but I believe these judgements can make a good impact on our skills. Often, people mention how I am a hypocrite for believing in Animal Rights but still have meat on my plate at dinner everyday.  I was so immensely sick of spitting the same speech each time, that I made a blog post on my blog so I can throw it at anyone who mentions this on Facebook or any other social media. It was very effective.

In conclusion, blogging is a helpful aspect for English. It helps relatively mundane writers "break out of their shell" and lets us practice our skills. Although its not the safe and innocent place for students to share all their opinions and not be judged, its still a good place to relieve thoughts that are Grade 8 appropriate.

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  1. I really dont see whats wrong with judgement most of the time its just a opinion and its good for us to explore each others opinion