Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Picking a Library Book

Often, I sit and wonder how some people can roam a certain section of the library, pick a book with an interesting bind/cover and start reading it. To be honest, I have genuine wonder for how they do it. How can you just start reading a book without having much insight on the author? Without knowing a relatively detailed summary? Without reading reviews? Without knowing how many stars it has? The front quotes on the cover on some novels have are generally misleading.

Some books such as Uglies by Scott Westerfield, and Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher who caused so much controversy, news and hype back in their days that I actually read without interrogating at first, why exactly brought on the media that they did- when in the end they are relatively averagely written books. Unlike the Uglies, which contained some of the worst writing I have read since Noddy.

I simply cannot visit any book store or library and pick a book without using my usual routine, which is:

1) Research for about an hour or so on the kind of book you want. I end up with a list of about 60-50ish books after the first stage. So far, I only know the genre and the author (an author I have probably never heard about)

2) For the next 30 minutes or so, I search up whether this book is actually in the library or not. This brings it down to about 5-10 books (I only know the genre and author)

3) Between these 5-10 books, I read the general plot summary. So far, I have not manually found the books in the library yet.

4) Out of about 5-10 books, the ones that strike me the best are the ones I get into detail with. So about 3-4. I find these books in the library, read a few pages here and there, trying to see if these books are in general captivating or not.

5) Between the 3-4 books, I read up on the reviews on goodreads, look at the general rating, the amount of copies sold etc.

6) Then I come down to about 2-3. This is when I research the author on my phone. What other books has she/he written? Were they a success? What genre is she/he most popular with?

7) After this, I am usually left with one. This one is the final novel I take out and read.

Thanks to this list, it is rare that I stop a book half way, or ditch it before x number of pages. And the few rare exceptions when I actually picked up a random book (Kisses from Hell, Seaborn, Room) were  all failures where I ditched them before the half way point, or trudged through- trying not to abandon a book as I dislike this completely.

Of course all books by John Green are automatically read without a second thought.

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  1. Great post. See you are getting the hang of this. I agree that picking a book is like starting a relationship and I for one do not like to go on blind dates.

    I may not be as picky as you, but I do not just pick up any book to read.