Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Olympics

Olympics is known to be one of the greatest events in Sports history. Mostly because it was established years ago, yet the tradition still lives on, stronger than ever. A few handpicked sports talents from each country compete in a large arena to win the gold, to show the outcome of their perseverance to the world. 

Unfortunately for me, I could never understand the importance of the Olympics other than its old age and consistent occurrence. To me, I find no difference in watching my friend’s Football games and watching the Olympics, as I’m not there to feel the pressure. I just don’t understand the stakes as to which the athletes bleed, sweat, break bones for, mainly because I am not in their position. 

Also, before I had the ability to think for myself and make decisions, watching the Olympics was almost forced. I didn't have a choice but to sit down for three hours a day and take in people jumping off boards and hanging off bars in an artistic fashion. I never had the chance to understand the joy in watching the Olympics as when I was a younger, watching them was a chore. 

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  1. I mostly agree, olympics was just all hype. Its really boring to watch and there is no pressure. Were if you were watching a soccer game or a tennis match for example Man U VS Man City there is a lot of pressure. And why watch the games instead of going and doing it your self