Sunday, 9 September 2012

English Lessons

During the course of my English Lessons, something I have learnt and will cherish throughout my life is the importance of good communication. Possibly unintentionally, Mr. Raisdana raises awareness about having good vocal, listening and presentation skills every lesson. This has already begun helping me prove my point in work, with my friends, parents and teachers. I can now actively participate in conversations outside class and still manage to patiently listen to my friends’ perspective while still voicing my own.

Personally, something I enjoy almost everything about English class. If I had to pick one thing that I enjoy most, is the blogging. Being a huge fan of reading blogs, I have never managed to set up my own. To be able to share my thoughts and beliefs with other people who have the same interests with me is an extremely exciting idea. After Grade 8, I hope to continue expressing my ideas and my personal perspective through my current blog.

I enjoy almost everything about Mr. Raisdana’s class, if there was something I might change if I was to teach and English lesson, is the hand raising during discussion. Its interesting to see that Mr. Raisdana is the only teacher who allows students to basically have a friendly conversation that they would usually have on the lunch table (although about English related subjects) Personally, the reason I might not talk as much during English lessons is that I am afraid that I might talk over another student, hence, making it awkward. As good as the idea of not controlling the conversation may be, I believe we should have an appointed “talker picker” (or something like that) that doesn’t necessarily control the conversation, but appoints people to talk so that students aren’t as uncomfortable to voice their opinion. This doesn’t have to be Mr. Raisdana himself, but a particular student that we change every lesson.


  1. I really like your use of mature language, like different words that I would never use, hopeful someday I can use them some examples that I think are good matur language are "During the course", "Unintentionally" and "personal perspective"

    1. Patience and practice Brenden. Takes work, but like all skills you just need to do it.

    2. Thank you :) And as Mr. Raidana said, just takes some practice and an immense amount of time spent reading.

  2. You make some great points (well articulated too) and I am excited that you find the blogs valuable. I am curious to see how they develop for each student.

    Your suggestion of “talker picker” is valid, but I think perhaps after some time passes, we can find a place where we can handle the table. Right now it feels awkward because we have not really connected, created a bond or build our community. This takes trust and time and we have just started. afar so good. I hope. Looking forward to seeing more.