Monday, 10 September 2012

As an Animal Rights believer: Vegetarianism vs Non-Vegetarianism

More often than not, other Animal Rights believers call me a hypocrite. Why? Because as much as I love them, I still enjoy them on my plate everyday at dinner and lunch. Although this subject causes a lot of debate around the world, I personally believe it is all about opinion. I can argue for days on end that vegetarians should start eating meat but it will make no difference. People make decisions from their experiences. Then there are some who try to turn me into a Vegetarian, or don’t take me seriously when I try to prove a point during debates. When this occurs, I rattle off the same few points I have been collecting for the past few months of my life. These are points that support my general idea as to why exactly Vegetarianism makes no difference when it comes to supporting what you believe in.
  1. Give respect to what you eat.
  1. When I first heard about the brutal ill-treatment of animals before they were slaughtered, I was not only appalled, but speech less too. I looked down at myself, for proclaiming to be an animal lover when I was clearly not. I then slept on the idea that kept submerging itself deeper into my cluttered mind, waking up to a new theory. Due to the slaughter, we shouldn’t just stop eating meat, because not only will this highly disturb the food cycle, but also take away thousands of jobs, and ruin an industry that we have been supporting for hundreds of years. Instead, we should know where our meat comes from. Buying meat from a sketchy down the street mart at the end of your road is probably meat that comes from poor Slaughter houses from some part of the United States. Going to an Organic store however, will guarantee that the animal you are eating was respected due fully before its departure. This means it was fed properly, not medicated or drugged, had open space, green grass, and a healthy lifestyle before it was killed. If more people just bothered to spend an extra few dollars on buying organic meats, the abuse would stop, and the slaughter houses that ill-treat animals would lose business.
  1. Unnecessary Wastage.
  1. Although I do believe that eating animals as a right activist is acceptable, there are still somethings I definitely do not support. This is shark fin soup, the Ivory trade, Fur trade, Skin trade. This is a waste. Animals are killed by hundreds  a day, just for a 12 inch piece of their body. The rest of them, bleeding and rotting at the ground, sometimes even breathing. If you take a life for food, use it as food. Not doing justice for its life by using only a small part of it is just disrespectful. 
  1. A Vegetarian’s food isn’t completely harmless either.
  1. Although Non-Veggies have a more obvious contribution to this day and age’s horrid support of abuse, A Vegetarian’s role is extremely active too. Where do the dairy products come from? Just about the same animals we eat. They probably come from the same slaughter houses too. Eggs, milk, cheese, butter, etc. They all come from animals, the same animals that we later kill for food. Non Vegetarians might take lives for their food, but Vegetarians make them go through the same abuse. Vegans? Its the same thing. How many animals die while humans are spraying deadly chemicals and pesticides on the ground to kill the plants? These chemicals have also take the lives of thousands of animals living in the garden your fruits and vegetables are grown in. Animals becomes homeless due to this. Yet we are still focusing on the massive roles Non Vegetarians play in this aspect of abuse. If people believe we should just stop eating anything that affects animals, then our diet would limited to about 5-7 types of foods. 

It all comes back to being conscious. Conscious of where your food comes from, where to buy our food, and how to treat it. We all can put slaughter houses out of business. Give the animals the respect they deserve, while still maintaining a healthy balanced diet of meat and vegetables, that we are sure come from a positive environment. All we have to do is raise awareness, open our eyes, and take the first few steps. 


  1. Great post. Very thought provoking and well stated. As a vegetarian, I obviously have lots of thoughts and arguments to some of the things you have said. But I will leave those for later when have gotten to know each other better. For now I will recommend a few films and books. Don't worry they are not Vegan propaganda films. They simply shed light on the commercial and industrial food industry and its effects on our health and the planet.

    Beyond the intellectual arguments or even the sustainability of either side, I see it as a spiritual choice.

    I have been vegetarian for most of my life and really for me it is about non-violence and power. I am trying to relinquish my need for power and rid my life of violence. The slaughtering of animals is one way I can do that.

    I do not feel human beings should have the power to make that choice. In short, I simply do not want to be involved in mass violence.

    Having said that, let's chat sometime about my killing chickens when I lived in Africa and what that was like.

    Great post. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for the insight Mr. Raisdana. I look forward to reading these books and watching the movies.

  2. Hi Antara, this is Aditi, and I don't believe we have met yet. Anyways, I read your blog post, and as Mr. Raisdana pointed out above, oyur post was given a lot of thought and was very well written. You actually inspired me to post something on my blog which relates to your post. that is my blog address, do check it out!
    Aditi M

    1. Thanks Aditi. Left a comment on your post :)

  3. Love to watch you guys meet through the ideas you are sharing online. You are getting this whole blogging thing. Keep the conversations going and maybe meet face to face to see where next.